Vusisizwe “07” High School Reunion

10th year Matric Re-union

A high school re-union is not an event you can miss for anything because of the following reasons, You only graduate high school once, a 10th year reunion only comes once in your life. Your high school crushes and Ex’s will be there. Your favorite teachers and lastly your friends that you hardly see are going to be there. So please if you doubting if you should attend or not please do otherwise you will regret not going.

Planning and Execution  

On a fun and lighter note, The group of 2007 decided to re-unit and plan a high reunion to celebrate 10 years since they left Vusisizwe. The event was planned by the number of the former students but the ones that were in the for-front was Gqibile bulani, Khanyiswa Pietersen, Phumeza Njoli and the rest was assisting there and there.

The event was held on the 30th September 2017 at Vusisizwe stuff room where all the formal engagements took place speeches, sharing of memories and candle light to remember those who have passed on during the past years.

after that the event was moved to Nekkies resort where the fun was braai, drinks, food, dance and all. if you are in the class of 2007 and you were not there wow you missed out on the best experience and fun of your life.


High school is always marked as a very important stage in a person’s life and that is always proven to be true. Looking at it in this way, Most of the time if you where a popular kid praised by teachers and other kids in high school you gain confident and become a successful individual, but that is not always the case.

In 2007 a bunch of teenagers about 130 of them where students in a high school called Vusisizwe senior secondary school in a small town called Worcester 120km outside Cape town in South Africa. In the year 2005 and 2006 Vusisizwe passing rate was below 70% on 2005 it was below 50%. The group of 2007 had to break that chain and come up with more than 80% which putted the school on the map and made everyone in Zwelethemba proud.

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