[News] How did Phume manage to get South African Men to twerk for her live on instagram?

All details on how Phume managed to get guys to twerk for her

It all started when @phume22 on instagram went live and dare guys to twerk for her for a PS5. Few guys accepted the challenge, see the video clip below.

Some were calling her for a President seat, while some were calling for her downfall with the #PhumeMustFall.


After the video clip was published, a lot of guys were outreached by her actions while some had mixed feelings applauding her for showing leadership and how easy one can bait any gender in doing what one wants for a good price of cause .

Some of the mixed feelings tweets from both guys and girls about the PhumeChallenge.

That is basically what transpired, Phume went live to challenge men and they accepted and started twerking while she’s sipping her drink and chewing her gum like nobody’s business. While some of us are enjoying the Real Madrid match, phase 2 of the challenge is now trending, we do not know what tomorrow has in store for us.

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