[News] All about Parklands, NigeriansMustGo and NigeriansMustFall Hashtags

[News] All about Parklands NigeriansMusfGo hashtags

What is this parklands hashtag all about?

So this started to brew up 3 days ago when a Nigerian brother posted a video of a black girl on Twitter. In this video this girl is twerking and stripping down her pants and underwear. While she is doing all that there are about 5 Nigerian brothers in the room chanting and laughing at her.
The original uploader of the video deleted it but it’s was already late people had already downloaded it and and post it again on twitter.
Some girls then came out admitting the ill treatment by our fellow African brothers from Nigeria m, DRC, Ghana and other countries who resides in Parklands, Sea point, Cape Town CBD and some other fancy areas all around South Africa.

This caused a havoc and anger in many South Africans with hashtags like #NigeriansMustGo #NigerianMustFall #Parklands. And calling for South African government to chase away Nigerians in South Africa.

If cause the we mix feelings some say girls do that to themselves because they love money and good time. So say Nigerian brother just show Xhosa girls for who they are as money hungry who are willing to do anything to live a high life.

Me I say who am I to judge I only report to you and you comment below and tell us how to you feel about this and what do you say to that!

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The video that started all this

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