Government Learnership For Money

Do not be a victim

According to the latest statistics the unemployment rate in South Africa is about 27.7% which criminals took it as an opportunity to scam and take thousands from desperate and job seeking people. It has been reported that criminals pause as gorvenment officials who are representing different departments like Department of correctional services (DCS), South African police services (SAPS), department of health (DoH) and South African defense force (SADF). The criminals post jobs on the social networks and local new papers claiming that they are representing the above mentioned departments. 

This is how they get to most of the people

After one replied to the social media post either by sms, whatsApp, email or a phone call they give you a very convincing briefing about the department that they are supposing to be representing and tell you that they are working at the HR department they can push your name to the top if you can forward your cv and of cause the amount that rangers from R1500 – R5000. They would ask you to send they money via shoprite, pep and other quirky money transfer just after you sent the details to him that would be the last time you hear from him/her.

We know that people are hungry for jobs out there but it is also a crime to  engage in the corruption activities like bribing an official for the job. You can also get sentenced to prison if it is found that you got engaged in this scam knowingly that you were bribing an official. Please be careful and only try to get the job through proper channels and avoid loosing money in scams and facing criminal charges for bringing a gorvenment official.  

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