Free beat for Dope Rappers

Maneza F8 is dropping a free sampled beat again for free, this is for the rappers to showcase their skills and raps in this classic beat. This beat was supposed to be a joint project between Maneza F8 and Revlin Clique back in 2015. While Maneza was going through his emails he discovered plenty of beats that he sent to different artists that some of them weren’t  used. He decided to collect all those beats from the cloud, make them into a mixtape and drop them one by one in his blog platform. If you are a Musician without beats you can follow his blog and music, that’s how lucky you are!

This beat was discovered in the emails that he shared with Ncutshe. If you would like maneza to email you the beat halla at him on the details given on his website front page and on the bookings page.


enjoy and share:

©2017 - 2020 Copyright reserved by NS Mabetshe | Designed by Maneza f8

My Awesomeness! 

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