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Web Designer And Musician

PERSONAL: Maneza was given life by his mother Nothini Mabetshe and his father Mkhanyiseli Ntshoza in the late 80s, He was born and raised in Khayelitsha till he was about 6 years when him and his family started to move around in Khayelitsha from Site-B, C-section, M-section till they ended up in Philippi. From Philippi He also went to stay at Eastern Cape for few years at about the age of 8, then went back to Philippi, Cape town.


2010 - Present

Music Production

From the year 2010 Maneza start to record himself and some the artists from Zwelethemba Worcester, Western cape where he was staying. Since then he then recorded a number of sings and mostly are available on Reverbnation.

KasiMp3, and on his website.

2017 - 2018

Quirky Innovations

Joined a tech company which is black owned and work as Web developer after working 6 years in Prison as a Correctional Official.

2018 - 2019

N&T Tech

Joined N&T as a Wedpress developer and gain much experience on the side of customer service and business side of things as I was managing the projects develop them from stretch hold meetings with cleints and make sure that we are in the same page abput the designs and functionalities.

2019 - 2020


Joined SQLI SA as an intern where I leanred a lot when it comes to structured work enviroenment, I started to learn Magento 1 as soon as I started in February 2019 and thereafter I went to magento 2 which is quit broad, Magento as a Zend cms that is used to create e-cormmerce websits for big companies across the world.

Street life

STREET-LIFE: While moving up and down in the streets of Cape town it was not easy for Him. Life in the townships is all about survival, to survive in the streets you have to learn the hard way to be strong and bold even if you think u were born weak and soft. His skills for soccer kinda made life a lot better for him because growing up in the streets soccer was always the way to get out of the bad habits and negative things that associated with the black youth such as (Drugs, alcohol at young age, gangs etc…). Through that moving up and down He had to keep on changing schools adjusting to new people all the time, and that is not easy. He made friends. Through that but He also made enemies because living in the Hood compels you to have some friends and enemies what we refer to them as Ghosts in the streets. Through all that He was adored by older brothers in the neighborhood who were very much into Hip-Hop, So His life was always surrounded by Rap muzik in the days of Tupac, Snoop dog, LL cool j, Eminem, D12, Dr Dre, Method man and Red Man etc.. I am talking 90s where Rap was all about real life tackling real issues. That is what inspired Maneza F8 and pushed Him into the muzik direction.

History about F8

MANEZA F8: Maneza maybe you ask yourself what is the word stands for anyway. Well let me brief y’all about this name,
Maneza is the combination of His two last-names His mother and father’s: Mabetshe and Ntshoza just like this…

Ma (mabetshe) N (ntshoza) E (mabetshe) Za (Ntshoza).

Interesting heey Lol yeah it is, Okay now F8 because in South Africa or World wide we were given identity numbers His ID number got more than five Eights which is rare in the South african identities that is where the F8 is coming from again interesting right? Lol of cause it is. That is where Maneza F8 comes from.



Code Accademy - Online courses


Web Development - UNISA

Developing Web App With PHP - UNISA


Solo Learner - HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery Online course


Java fundamentas - CapaCITI


Front End
CSS/CSS3 85%
jQuery 70%
JavaScript 50%
JAVA 61%
Back End
MySQL Database 85%
PHP 75%
SQL Queries 89%

CMS and Frameworks

WordPress developer 95%
Wix 70%
Magento 62%
Cucumber Automation 81%


PHPStorm 90%
FillZiller 80%
Photoshop 55%
Illustrator 55%
FL Studio 12 90%
Cubase 7 80%
Reason 5 70%


Websites I have designed

Regies Tembachako

(061) 3054 9027

Enork Nkomo

(072) 504 0571

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