From a prisoner to a CEO of a tech company

Sihle Tshabalala

From a prisoner to a respected entrepreneur.

Sihle Tshabalala delivering a very motivational speech at price check awards on the 14th September 2017 were he was invited as a guest speaker with 10 members of his team.

Who is Sihle Tshabalala?

Sihle Tshabalala (Co-founder and CEO Quirky 30 NPC and Quirky Innovations PTY/LTD ) is an ex-offender. During his time in prison, he became a key member of the Group of Hope programme (a prisoner initiated project that changed prison rehabilitation in SA) , where he decided to spend his life helping others avoid the mistakes he had made.

Since leaving prison, he co-founded Brothers for All, taught himself how to code and has become a key voice in his community and a game changer in teaching high school drop outs, teenage moms, unemployed youth, ex-offenders and offenders Computer Programming/Coding, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing.He spoken widely on TV and radio, presented at the Durban AIDS conference, was awarded the 2014 LeadSA’s Hero, Mail and Guardian 200 Young South Africans award, 2015 Spark Changemaker award, 2016 WSA International Speaker, Juror and Mentor, 2016 TEDx Fellow and a Levi’s Pioneer Nation speaker.

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