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Music Production

Maneza got into production in very strange way, He was denied a chance to record by those who had so called studios back in the days.  That did not stop him from pursuing his dreams or having a recorded track one day. That day came very fast because after that he got himself a job and bought a computer and hustled softwares to start making beats.

Music life

We do music for different reasons but Maneza f8 is doing music for different reasons. He is doing music for the love of art and melody he is not doing music for money or fans he believes in supporters more than fans because he is doing musicas a hobby not as a business.

Web Developer

Maneza f8 is also a full time web developer who designed and developed number of websites, he was inspired by the project presented by Ex-offenders in Worcester prison, He then studied coding in UNISA to back it up. He then joined a IT COMPANY where they deal with website using CMS, php, html, css and more.

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Music Deejay

Maneza F8 learned the art of deejaying through his cousins from Philippi in Cape town. In 2004 he started to play house music but his love for Hip-hop shaped his direction into playing Hip-hop. Because he is so relavent when he plays music, he makes everyone move with House and also Hip Hop set, he is not only playing House and Hip Hop, he also plays for older people, Soulful music, old ballads and African Pop music, depending on the event that he is hired to play.


Maneza started recording from the early 2000s where he learned so much about mixing and mastering. His latest songs are the testimony of that statement. The songs are available on the following links, MANEZA MUZIKVMP MUZIK. He has been in the game for a long time as a result his recording company is now registered as a PTY and busy growing that business while focusing also on recoring to stay relavent to what is happening and what is new. Come and record your Album, Mixtape, Single for an affordable fee 082-304-8335.


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